Which Python versions are supported?

Mushoom supports Python 2 and 3.

Are there plans to support asyncio?

No. While asyncio is great, it depends on the use of yield from. This can results in a very unnatural program flow. The goal of mushroom is to make asynchronous I/O as simple and natural as possible. asyncio does not meet this criteria. This is the same reason why mushroom is based on gevent and not Tornado.

Why is there no version 1.0 of mushroom?

Once mushroom is feature complete and provides a stable API version 1.0 will be released. For this to happen all FIXME, TODO and XXX markers need to be gone. The test coverage and documentation need to be way better, too.

Is there Django support?

Mushroom comes with a django_support module which provides a RunserverCommand base class. This class makes it simple to write custom management commands for starting a mushroom based server.

Max “DebVortex” Brauer has written a django-mushroom package which works in a different way and provides a runserver_with_mushroom managment command and rpc_function decorators.

Can I get commercial support?

You can also get commercial support from the maintainer and his company Terreon GmbH.